Lexington Law Vs Credit Repair: A battle of the credit repair companies

Lexington Law and Credit Repair are two companies you will often come across if you look for a credit repair company online and while both have their own pros and cons there’s certainly only one right choice and while it comes mostly down to personal choice and your requirements there are a few factors to take into consideration. Here’s a detailed comparison of the two companies based on some of these factors.


With Lexington law, you will need to pay a setup fee of about $99 and an additional $10 to get your credit reports out. Apart from that, their most basic plan will cost you $50 every month which covers all the basic features you’d need and also a paralegal to advise you correctly. You can upgrade to a better plan anytime

With Credit Repair, it’s quite simple. They offer only 1 plan which will cost you $89 per month and does not require any additional setup fees or charges and covers almost every feature Lexington law provides.


In the Concord standard plan, the company contacts all the creditors and collects all the proof and important documents regarding any credit.

With the Concord Premiere plan, you’ll get a few additional financial tools and identity theft insurance while with the plus plan you get specialized tools and to keep track of your credit score and expert advice on how to improve your credit score.

The one plan Credit Repair offers pretty much covers it all. You get all important tools to monitor your credit, a mobile app and text or email alerts regarding any development. The company also sends letters to creditors on your behalf and their interactive interface makes it easy to track progress.

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With Lexington law, the guarantee is more work related and while they do not guarantee that your credit score will be restored to a suitable point, they only charge for the work done and the changes made.

Credit repair is a slightly risky option considering the guarantee they offer. As per their guarantee clause you only get a refund in case they are not able to complete the promised work within the time frame but in case you’re not happy with the services you’d not get a penny back.

Advice: While both companies offer guarantees it’s always important to go through the contract 2-3 times before you sign up

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Lexington Law is one of the oldest and thus the more experienced of the two companies and since it’s an actual law firm taking up the credit repair job, it offers the more trustworthy option.  Credit Repair’s relationship with TransUnion proves handy as they are able to pull out reports faster.


Be it services or cost, Lexington law definitely offers the best option. Credit repair is the ideal choice for people looking to get the job done quickly and willing to pay more for it.

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